Melanie and Kathryn

push3  layers voice, electric cello and electric guitar to create wonderfully strange music that you have not heard before. We are a Vancouver based indie band and have been writing, playing and recording together for 13 years.

Our songs begin in the typical way with a chord chart, lyrics and guitar parts. Then the real push3 work begins. We ignore the rules, tear the songs apart and create music that is rarely traditional in structure. There is always a twist.

Melanie’s electric cello replaces the traditional lead guitar and winds around Kathryn’s lush vocals and electric guitar. Cello and voice are used in unexpected ways with percussive words and whispers and ghostly cello harmonics and slides.

Our latest songs are all about moments, split second moments, where you run away, stay, breathe or stop. There are pieces of these moments woven like threads throughout the new music.

push3 is dramatic torn apart pop.

Melanie Sereda

BMus. acoustic and electric cello

Classically trained but bored with Bach, Melanie slapped a pick up on her cello and began playing with bands while still in university. Her improvisations and songs are inspired from translating thoughts, ideas, and emotions through the cello and into sound. She composed and arranged the musical accompaniment for the play, Je ne parle pas Francais and has performed with Vancouver bands Inhale and Zeellia. She has also performed at the Elora Fringe Festival in 1996.

Melanie Sereda
Kathryn Sutherland
Kathryn Sutherland

vocals and guitar

A prairie native, Kathryn began songwriting and singing in her early teens. Kathryn's music is an expression of images, experiences and memories. Her process of creating vocals, sounds and words was influenced by her studies at the 1998 National Voice Intensive program at Simon Fraser University. She performed vocal soundscapes for the piece On the Edge of Falling at the l993 Dancing on the Edge Festival.