Red Table
Coming in 2015 our new album " red table ". Talking in the car, a thread lying on the floor, a pair of muddy boots. Ordinary becomes extraordinary in the songs of Push3.
    Push3 has released 7 new songs: Effieunhinged, fillinger, threads, running, Room 802 and Blood on CD baby and iTunes and Facebook from our upcoming album, red table. Give them a listen, purchase one or two, add to your playlist and share with a friend. Take a minute and comment or review our singles on any of our media sites. We are back in the studio, this fall, completing the last couple of singles to finish up the album. Stay tuned.        

Blue Chair
1. mrs x. 2. keystone effect 3. arkitect of perfektion 4. blue chair 5. the waters - part 1 6. indonesian song 7. the waters - part 2 8. prelude 1 9. intermezzo 1 10. true 11. words 12. complete 13. desert row 14. electric nomad 15. finale 1 16. whirling
  blue chair can be purchased at: CD Baby click here for lyrics

We wanted a different kind of experience for the listener on our CD, blue chair, in which each track articulated a different style and sound and our range of musical thoughts could be heard.

It all began with Kathryn, Melanie and Craig hunkering down in the windowless basement of Burning Sound. First, we sealed Kathryn into the sound room to lay down her guitar tracks. Each track was changed at least twice before coming up with something we felt was interesting and new. Then along came bassist, Roey Shemesh, who plugged in and added the essential groove we needed for each track, as well as harmonic accents. Now it was Melanie's turn. Her cello parts were worked and reworked as we explored the possibilities that emerged with the differ ent tones of the acoustic and electric cellos while playing with effects, sounds and lots of layering.

Then the real fun began when Steve Lazin arrived with his small fleet of percussion instruments including the djembe, dum-bek, xxaxxixxi, rebollo, bongos, claves, shakers, kalimba, tambourines, aseiko and finger cymbals. Our music was further enriched by the sounds of the world. Next came Craig McGregor, who sat down and blew us away with his jazz and acoustic guitar riffs. His Flamenco-inspired riff on Words is one of our favorite moments on the CD. Kathryn's vocals were the final touch. Lyrical melodies are highlighted by her simple harmonies and play on words.

In the midst of all this, we were asked to create the soundscape for a play. The only requirements: come up with sounds that were not recognizable as instruments, and were influenced by Pink Floyd, Cassandra Wilson and Portishead. So we used rocks and guitar picks, vocal and cello effects to create Prelude 1, Intermezzo 1 and Finale 1, which are included on our CD.

Engineer, Craig Burner has an exceptional ability to create interesting and sonically pleasing music. He worked tirelessly to produce movement on each song and find a place for each sound.