Working hard in studio on next album red table….

push3 is working hard in the studio on our CD red table. We are going to post some of the new songs soon. 
We are also working with local indie filmmaker on possible push3 sound scape for his latest film. Once we have it set detailed info will follow…

We are up on Facebook

Push3 up on Facebook.  Have you shared us with your friends lately?  Appreciate the support on all our sites.

Push3 plays live at Falconetti’s on the Drive Sunday Sept. 5th

We will be playing a half hour set at Falconetti’s, on the Drive, in East Vancouver on Sunday September 5th from 7:45 -8:15

The night is a CMW Showcase for a couple of local bands.   Great food, great sound system.  Come on down.

coming to a living room near you….

push3 is ready to book house concerts

Check out our posting at or contact us directly.

Hear our music up close and personal in your home.

Contact us if you are intrigued and would like to book push3

and we can work out the details.

coming “unhinged”

We have just finished mixing the first track of our upcoming album, red table.  Keep checking back as we will be post it very soon! Enjoying the sun.

Kathryn and Melanie

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