Starting too mix!!!!

Yeah!!! We are ready to start mixing the first couple of songs from Red Table. Albert, bass player extraordinaire, laid down some smokin tracks, combined with wah wah guitar, distortion and some windsheild wipers, all in all it should be  pretty interesting.

Live pics from the Duncan Garage Showroom, Saturday Nov 21/09

duo pic
Mel singing
Mel singing
Kathryn singing
Kathryn singing
Melanie Clapping (does she ever play that cello?)
Melanie Clapping (does she ever play that cello?)
push3 playing unhinged
push3 playing unhinged

Saturday, November 21, 2009

push3 Live at the Duncan Garage Showroom

recording has begun

Recording is always an interesting process for us. Having to committ to not changing anything in the songs’ structure after we start recording is a real challenge. Not to mention those ah ha moments when we realize there is a extra bar here or there and our math was wrong. The falling snow is much more beautiful with the whirl of a computer behind it. 

Merry Christmas to all. Melanie is off to Mexico. Kathryn is not! More to come in the New Year. K& M   

“Oh what fun” push3′s Vancouver Island Tour was a success


push3 had a most fabulous time touring on Vancouver Island.

We highly recommend The Superior Cafe in Victoria it is a cool space with great food, great staff and a great place to play music.  Thanks to Kendall, Kyle and Sean for taking great care of push3.

Longevity John hosted us with great pazzazz at the Duncan Garage Showroom.  An amazing set up for musicians to play and a wonderful room to hear music.  Thanks to Sean for the sound for the evening and Georgia for selling our Cd’s and handlingthe door. Be sure to check out the music at the Duncan Garage Showroom if you are in the Duncan area.

THe Hydration Tour

We have know decided to call this the Hydration Tour 2009.

The first thing that happened was the ferries were closed down the night before we left so the next morning there was a massive backlog and wait for ferries. Luckily Melanie, my personal hero, heard 2 minutes of CBC and checked ferries. So off we went to Nanaimo via Horseshoe Bay and drove up Island in a torrential rain pour with water puddling on the highway enroute to Victoria.
In fact Environment Canada had issued a weather advisory for the entire area due to the crazy amount of rainfall and wind throughout the Tour dates. Parts of Duncan were flooded the night before we arrived and a state of emergency was declared. Despite all this agua drama we landed at this lovely venue in Duncan BC, called the Duncan Garage Showroom. It is run by a fellow who goes by the name of Longevity John. He is determined to create a place for original music to be performed. The space is fabulous and decked out to make playing music a real pleasure for the performers. We would highly recommend catching a show there if you are in the area.

This was the last stop on our Vancouver Island tour and it was a great way to end.

Oh to have a spot like this in Vancouver.

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear us play or sent friends out to see us perform.
A big thanks to the bell hop at the Executive Hotel, night 2, who helped us unload our gear and parked our car for us. The evening before was a rather nasty affair with the luggage trolley full of gear with wheels flat as boards flying through the 8th floor hallways narrowly missing corners and other rooms’ door jams.

We hope that anyone who has been effected by the flooding, in the area, will be back on their feet soon.

Signing off,
Kathryn and Melanie

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