Story of Push3′s BLOOD video-Part 5

A final horse pic for Push3′s BLOOD video.
My dad and his sister in Heward, Sask round 1941. A kind of hounds from hell vibe with those horse.

Push3 BLOOD video-heward dan and vivien

Story of Push3′s BLOOD video- Part 4

I found this picture of my dad for the Push3 BLOOD video and it started a horse theme

Push3-BLOOD video-dad on horse heward



Story of Push3′s BLOOD video-Part 3

As I continued looking through old photo’s of family, trying to find creepy images and thinking of the blood connection the video started to take shape.

I left the polaroids to repeat for the choruses and started accumulating other images for the verses.

Here is a picture of my grandmother, from the early 1900′s with her sisters, that I decided to use.mildred and sisters

Story of Push3′s Blood video-Part 2


lady horse weird K

I continued looking for haunting images, for Push3′s video for BLOOD, in my stacks of old family photo’s. I wanted images to match the polaroids. I found an old negative of my mother’s childhood horse, Lady. This photo was created when my son Cooper used his camera app to alter the original Lady negative.

If you have not had a chance to see/hear Push3 video for Blood…….click here.

#musicextended posted Push3′s Blood on Instagram

Check out #musicextended on Instagram.  They posted Push3′s Blood today.  Appreciate the support of Push3 and indie music by #musicextended!

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