Story of Push3′s Blood video creation…part 1

I had these great old polariods, from a Push3 photo shoot for a show many years ago, where Push3 played soundscapes live with a storyteller. I knew they started the story for the video, for our single Blood, but i was stuck where to go next. i had a lucky conversation with a friend and moved forward using images i loved to make a visual story quite separate from the original song.
Thanks for that conversation Vera.

If you have not had a chance to see/hear Push3 video for Blood……. mask polariod3

I’ll post more images and stories soon.

Push3′s latest song BLOOD YouTube video is ready to be seen!

Along with the release of our new song BLOOD we have a YouTube video you can watch as you listen to the song.

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Push3′s new song BLOOD is up and ready to be heard!

We are excited to announce, finally, the release of our latest single BLOOD.

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Push3′s new single, blood, is in the can.

We will let you know where you can go listen to it soon!Push3's new single blood is in the can.

Push3's new single blood is in the can.

Push3 has a playlist up on Songza

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