Our six single releases, in a set, on Soundcloud

Check out all 6 of Push3′s latest singles from upcoming album, red table,  up on Soundcloud.  All lined up in a fabulous little set.

Classic Push3 song, Whirling, playing on worldbeatcanada.com radio

Click here to hear Whirling on worldbeatcanada.com podcast.

Thanks Cal for including Whirling on your show. 

You can follow worldbeatcanada on FB, or at worldbeatcanada.com- a website devoted to world and worldbeat music from around the world.

Our new single release, Effie, has visuals……

Effie now has visuals.  Click here, take a peek, like it, subscribe to our youtube channel, share it with a friend….appreciate support of Push3′s music.

Push3′s music is back up on Jango Radio check it out today

Push3 is back up on Jango Radio. Hit this link and enjoy a steady stream mix of Push3′s music along with other artists with similar sound.

If you like what you hear hit the” thumbs up” icon this gives Push3 free points to keep playing our music. It is a simple but effective way to support our music. 
Even better if you want to share or buy our songs use the buttons/links Jango provides.

Mel working her magic on gorgeous, yet nasty, cello harmonic tracks for upcoming single release, Blood, in studio last night.

Push3 mel recording Blood tracks

Push3 mel recording Blood tracks

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